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buy drunk Driver weed. Brooks apparently believes there should be a litmus test for whose. Death is worth protesting, however. And people who consume drugs and are kill by widely condemn police violence don’t rise to his standard.

Shaleen Title, a commissioner on the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission who stress that she is speaking on her own behalf, tell Marijuana Moment that “Rep. Brooks can keep his vile, racist opinions to himself.”

“No one is interested in his 20th-century attempt to cookies packs.Invoke scary-sounding drugs to vilify George Floyd, or to slow down the national awakening caused by his death,” she said.

“Rep. Mo Brooks should be ashamed of his tweet. There is no excuse for state-sanctioned violence and murder—not race, criminal record, or drug use,” Queen Adesuyi, policy manager of national affairs at the Drug Policy Alliance, told Marijuana Moment. “The stigmatization of these identities as ‘less than’ is what empowers. Police to brazenly snuff out human life under the guise of the war on drugs.”buy drunk Driver weed

“We’ve seen this come up time and time again. Especially against Black, Latinx, and indigenous people, and people who use drugs,” she said. “Elected officials need to stop trying to weaponize stigma to justify negligence and death at the hands of the police. We need Rep. Brooks and others to drop the hate and make moves towards meaningful police reform in this country, not play ‘blame the victim.’”


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